“Because I recently discussed the tradeoffs involved in selling apps only on the Mac App Store, some are convinced I hate the entire concept of the App Store,” Rob Griffiths writes for Macworld. “That’s not the case, though — I just think the current implementation is flawed and leads to bad experiences for both developers and customers.”

“However, with a few simple changes—and one not-so-simple changes — the Mac App Store really could be the place to shop for Mac software, instead of a place where you only find apps that meet Apple’s narrow definition of what an app should be,” Griffiths writes. “I honestly don’t expect Apple to address every item on this list. I’m not even sure if they’ll address any of them. But for the sake of the store, and its customers and developers, I hope they do implement many of them, at least: In the long run, a much better Mac App Store is better for everyone involved.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Even the simple fixes would go a long way to helping the Mac App Store improve dramatically. We wouldn’t advise you hold your breath for the Mac App Store to start allowing non-sandboxed apps, though.