“It’s hard to measure what’s actually number 1 when everything is a different price,” Roger Friedman reports for Showbiz411. “On the pop charts, pricing is now an issue as all the top hits are being offered at wildly conflicting ranges.”

“For example: iTunes has pumped up sales of Carrie Underwood’s new album by discounting it to an incredible $5.99,” Friedman reports. “The result is that ‘Storyteller’ is number 3 on the iTunes charts.”

“Meanwhile, Adele’s forthcoming ’25’ album is ranked as the number 1 album on both iTunes, where it’s selling for $10.99, and Amazon, where it’s the same price for the download,” Friedman reports. “So what’s doing better? The deep discounted albums or the highly price ones? …And who’s eating the cost of these discounts? The record companies take the hit to stimulate sales and chart position. But there’s no parity, just a free-for-all on the charts.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Discounting isn’t a new thing, but it seems pretty rare to see a top album discounted all the way down to $5.99.

“25” would be #1 at pretty much any reasonable price. Discounting it to $10.99 seems quite unnecessary.