“Governments use a variety of means — sometimes de facto or later found to be illegal or unconstitutional in the country in which it’s occurring — to extract the passwords, encryption keys, and other data they need. (So do criminals worldwide, although their actions are nearly uniformly against the law),” Glenn Fleishman writes for Macworld. “This narrative is required to justify the erosion of privacy in the name of fighting terror and finding justice. And government officials, whether in democracies or not, perpetuate it. Some seem to truly believe it, even though the number of cases in which it’s proven true is somewhere approaching zero.”

“Most recently, Apple has reiterated its stand that it won’t change the design of its hardware and software to allow even itself to access the information of its customers; its fighting government efforts in America and beyond to require modifications to allow it; and it’s stated bluntly to a court that, with iOS 8 and 9, it can’t provide the mechanism demanded,” Fleishman writes. “This is all good, and it doesn’t put us more at risk.”

“The idea of a magic back door is something some law-enforcement officials and government agencies hold dear—or at least claim they do, while understanding the truth,” Fleishman writes. “Law enforcement in the U.S. and other countries have hosts of tools they use already, and we don’t live in a magical world: practical police work and spy craft exist to track down those who do wrong by a government’s lights; a golden key only the righteous and just can wield is fantasy.

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MacDailyNews Take: Amen!

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