“It may take some time for Apple to see any damages from its patent infringement dispute with Samsung Electronics,” John Ribeiro reports for IDG News Service.

“Apple is asking a district court to order Samsung to pay over $548 million in damages, in a long-drawn patent dispute between the two companies that dates back to 2011,” Ribeiro reports. “But Samsung has fired back asking the court to declare invalid the claim of an Apple patent also known as the pinch-to-zoom patent, which figured in the lawsuit, or to stay proceedings.”

“For Apple, the $548 million in damages is just a part of what was originally awarded by the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California. The court awarded Apple damages of $930 million after a jury found that Samsung infringed Apple’s design and utility patents and diluted its trade dresses, which relate to the overall look and packaging of a product,” Ribeiro reports. “But the appeals court reversed the jury’s findings that the asserted trade dresses are protectable, and vacated the damages relating to trade dress dilution. That order shaved off $382 million in damages but $548 million still remained.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The swiftness of “justice” continues to astound. The Samsung slime buckets could pay Apple $5.48 billion and it still wouldn’t be enough to cover what they’ve stolen.