“If you have an Apple ID, you probably get emails from the company touting new products,” Kirk McElhearn writes for Kirkville. “I’ve gotten several about the Apple Watch, and I got one today about the new MacBook.”

“I clicked the Buy Now link in the email, and selected a configuration, only to see this on the Apple website: ‘Available to ship: 4-6 weeks,'” McElhearn writes. “It doesn’t seem very productive to tell people to ‘Buy Now’ when you can’t get a product for four to six weeks (plus delivery time; so, in reality, about five to seven weeks).”

“I think Apple should either wait to promote products they can’t ship, or be more explicit in their emails,” McElhearn writes. “It’s not a positive experience for users, and merely reinforces the image of Apple as an elitist brand. If you can’t ship, you shouldn’t taunt people.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Hey Tim and Co., what’s the point of having “the best product pipeline in 25 years” if it takes you 25 years to fill it?

Real artists ship. – Steve Jobs