“Microsoft announced today during its Build conference that it will release a tool for developers to port their iOS apps directly to Windows 10 as ‘universal apps’ that run on both phones and desktop computers,” Mike Beasley reports for 9to5Mac. “Developers will be able to feed their existing Objective-C code into a new software package and have it converted to work on the upcoming PC operating system.”

“At least, that’s how Microsoft is pitching it, though the whole process is a bit more complex,” Beasley reports. “Essentially Windows 10 will ship with APIs that mirror the expected behavior of many iOS APIs, and this new conversion tool will help developers swap out iOS code for matching Windows code.”

“Unfortunately for iOS developers, there is absolutely no mention of Apple’s new Swift programming language,” Beasley reports, “meaning those looking to make their apps cross-platform easily will need to hang back on Obj-C for now.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As with just about everything they do, Microsoft’s attempt to knife Apple’s Swift baby is simply too late.  Desperation breeds laughable futility.

Hear that? (total silence punctuated by the occasional cricket chirp) That’s the sound of iOS developers clamoring to port their apps to phones that nobody uses.

The shoe’s on the other foot now, Mickeyslop. Enjoy your inexorable decline. We certainly are. Immensely. 🙂