“Apple has quietly — and not so quietly — been buying up Big Data companies over the past few years, most recently acquiring FoundationDB but in 2013 also purchasing Acunu, maker of a real-time analytics platform,” Matt Asay writes for ReadWrite. “The intent seems to be to purchase data infrastructure talent—and very particular talent at that.”

“Basically, Apple needed to get into NoSQL database technology in a bad way,” Asay writes. “These alternatives to traditional relational databases (long known as SQL systems) offer speed and flexibility that older-style databases can only dream of.”

Asay writes, “As former Wall Street analyst and NoSQL (MongoDB and now Aerospike) executive Peter Goldmacher declares, Apple’s interest in NoSQL translates into a need to handle ‘massive workloads in a cost-effective way.'”

Much more in the full article here.

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