“An EU probe into a tax deal between Ireland and Apple is raising pressure for a tightening of a controversial corporate tax system helping the country accelerate away from crisis,” Conor Barrins reports for AFP. “The attention will be on any changes in Ireland’s draft budget to be presented next week.”

“In the face of strong criticism that Ireland’s tax policy is unduly favourable and distorts investment decisions, Ireland and Apple insist that the arrangements for the US company’s European headquarters do not amount to illegal state aid as defined by EU competition rules,” Barrins reports. “‘The government must tread a balance between appeasing the international community and retaining an attractive offering to entice multinational investment,’ Ian Kehoe, the editor of the Sunday Business Post, said in an editorial this past week. ‘Change is coming in the budget,’ Kehoe said.”

Barrins reports, “That change is highly unlikely to affect the 12.5-percent corporation tax rate, a cornerstone of policy which is backed by all political parties.”

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