“Last night, Charlie Rose aired the first half of his two-part interview with Apple CEO Tim Cook. It was a wide-ranging conversation covering Apple’s current products and problems, the future of the company, and (of course) the loss of Steve Jobs,” Robert Sorokanich reports for Gizmodo.

“On the iCloud hack that internet thieves used to steal private nude photos of female celebrities, Tim held the line he’s used before: iCloud wasn’t hacked, individual users were,” Sorokanich reports. “[Cook said], ‘It wasn’t hacked. There’s a misunderstanding about this. If you think about what hacking iCloud would mean, it means somebody would get into the cloud and could fish around in people’s accounts. That didn’t happen. What happened was, let’s take you as an example. Somebody could say ‘I know Charlie’s ID’ somehow, maybe it’s his email, and they may guess your password. Or, that’s not as likely—they might phish it. How do you phish it? I could pretend to be somebody else, and you could unknowingly give me your password. And that happens on the internet too many times today. That’s the number one issue by far, and it’s not just an Apple issue. This is an internet issue.'”

Sorokanich reports, “Tim came to the interview fully equipped with new Apple products: An iPhone 6, a 6 Plus, and an Apple Watch on his wrist. He briefly showed the Watch to Charlie, and mentioned a feature that may have gone unmentioned in the initial announcement: ‘It requires an iPhone, because they’ve been designed to work together. However, if you go for a run, and you don’t want to carry your iPhone, music is also on your watch. So with a Bluetooth headset, you can run and listen to your music without your iPhone.'”

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