The 10 coolest things Apple announced this week

“It’s been a busy week in the tech world, but most of the headlines have been dominated by Apple, which held its long-awaited press event on Tuesday in Cupertino,” Chloe Albanesius writes for PC Magazine.

“You’re probably aware that the company unveiled its new iPhones and a watch, but what else?” Albanesius writes. “If you’ll be hanging with some with tech-savvy friends (or giving mom an explainer) this weekend and don’t want to sound like you’re out of the loop, here’s everything you need to know about what Apple announced this week.”

The 10 coolest things Apple announced this week:

1. iPhone 6 and 6 Plus
2. Apple Pay (with NFC)
3. Upgrade to iOS 8
4. Wi-Fi Calling
5. 240fps Slow-Mo
6. Apple A8 SoC
7. Apple Watch release in “early 2015”
8. Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport, and Apple Watch Edition
9. Take a (Taptic) Message
10. Here, Have a Free U2 Album

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    1. I agree. They did botch the album download. It showed up on my iPhone automatically without me doing anything – not good. Worse, it showed up in iTunes on my Mac as purchased but wasn’t anywhere in my Library. I had to download it onto my iPhone from iCloud and then sync my iPhone to my Mac in order to get the album on my Mac. Not Apple’s finest hour.

      1. Oh, how sad! Is there a site or organization where we can donate to your cause?

        The fact that you’re so willing to talk about your experience today is an inspiration to us all.

        You’re the real hero.

      2. It’s funny because in one sentence you whine like a little bitch about the songs showing up automatically on your iPhone… oh noos! And the very next sentence you’re crying because they didn’t show up automatically in iTunes.

        Learn how to use your devices and software. It’s not that hard.

        1. Go read the thousands of posts mirroring my experience on numerous websites. Apple shouldn’t put an album on your phone automatically. I knew how to remedy the situation (contrary to your presumptuous last 2 sentences), but not everyone does and it can be confusing to the less technologically literate.

          1. While the bitching about the free U2 album seems overblown, the execution could have been better. Apple still needs to work on making the whole Apple online experience more seamless and less confusing. My boss was confused by iTunes for a long time (and, undoubtedly still is). It took me a while to explain the difference between a playlist and the actual items/tracks on his playlist. He had problems transferring what he wanted to his iPod or iPhone. Then he had problems changing the songs, and ended up deleting the tracks from iTunes to remove them from his iPod. And don’t get me started about the fiasco when he connected his work-issued iPhone to his home computer so that he could add his country music collection. Imagine his surprise when his music was successfully transferred, but everything else was wiped away. The company IT department had the fun of fixing that situation and, despite my best efforts, I still don’t think that he completely understands the reason it happened to this day. He just knows not to connect his work iPhone to any other computer from now on.

            To be fair, my boss is a typical, fairly clueless Windows computer user. As with many Windows users, he is willing to put up with problems (real or self-created) from every computer and device vendor except for Apple. For instance, he spent a good bit of money on a Windows MBA-knockoff “UltraBook” early in the year, but he could not get it to work the way that he wanted. So it sat unused for over six months until his son-in-law visited and configured it to look like his old Windows 7 setup.

          2. You had auto-download purchases turned on with your iPhone, and then were upset when an album gifted to you was auto-downloaded. Conversely, you had auto-download purchased turned off on your Mac, and complained when an album gifted to you wasn’t auto-downloaded.

            Instead of going to the Quick Links in the store and going to purchases to download the album, you redownloaded the album on your iPhone after having deleted it, and then synced it back to your Mac.

            The horror!

            The fact that “thousands” of self-entitled idiots chose to bitch about not being willing to learn about how iTunes works doesn’t negate that millions got the album without issue or simply deleted it without a care.

  1. Although not announced, it is a relief that Apple is still going with the “aim for Bin Laden hit Saddam Hussein” guidance system.

    The latest virgin (I think it’s – 0.001 but I could be off or it could be a rounding error) has misplaced Toronto and Ottawa, incorrectly placed Edmonton west of Calgary (or Calgary east of Edmonton) and missed the apostrophe in St. John’s.

    Certainly this guidance system is one of the safest tools that the free world has to protect themselves against any beheading water boarding “invade at will” terrorist or terrorist wannabe nation.

    Of course with the watch it could be that the guidance system will be more accurate and actually hit something in the same time zone. Of course the mega boom explosive sounds are what really counts and certainly all the efforts are geared towards that.


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