“Apple has introduced a range of improvements within Safari on both OS X and iOS that mean the multi-platform browser is catching up with Chrome for performance,” Jonny Evans reports for Computerworld.

“In one key addition, Apple has at last included tools to help developers optimize sites for the Safari browser, Navigation Timing API. Support for this was introduced in the fourth Safari beat for OS X and iOS 8 last week,” Evans reports. “Inclusion of the tool is a big deal if you want a faster browsing experience — it allows developers to optimize their sites to work faster with Safari and is already supported by Chrome and Firefox.”

“Web developers will now be able to optimize sites for Safari, as they’ll be equipped with real-time data to help them identify and repair any problems on their sites,” Evans reports. “‘The effect will have an especially big impact when looking at mobile users, as Apple’s combined presence across smartphones and tablets means that Safari comprised a whopping 59.1% of mobile browser traffic as of April of this year,’ writes Catchpoint Web performance engineer, Leo Vasiliou.”

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