“Taking a look at Apple’s recently filed Form 8-K, we see that the amount of money Apple spent on R&D this past quarter was up 36% compared to the same quarter a year ago,” Yoni Heisler reports for TUAW.

“Indeed, Apple during the June quarter spent more on R&D than it’s ever spent in any other quarter in company history,” Heisler reports. “Specifically, R&D costs this past quarter came in at $1.6 billion.”

“Now what’s even more interesting is that Apple’s R&D expenditures over the past three months represent 4.2% of the company’s net sales for the quarter. Analyst Walter Piecyk tweeted out yesterday that the last time Apple’s R&D as a percentage of net sales topped 4% was before the first iPhone launched,” Heisler reports. “Without question, Apple certainly has some big plans ahead.”

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