“A U.S. jury on Monday left the total damages Samsung Electronics Co Ltd must pay Apple Inc unchanged at $119.6 million after additional deliberations in a trial where the South Korean smartphone maker was found to have infringed three Apple patents,” Dan Levine reports for Reuters.

Brief article here.

“The jurors had been asked to reconsider one product and one patent for which they found infringement but did not award damages,” Ina Fried reports or Re/code. “It took the jury a little over two hours to reallocate its damages award. The panel raised the amount owed for some products, but lowered the amount for others, basically leaving things where they stood initially.”

Fried reports, “Both sides are expected to appeal various parts of the case, including the verdict.”

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MacDailyNews Take: You really want to punish Samsung, Tim? Go back in time and release an iPhone with a larger display when you should have – 20 months ago. (And while you’re back there, make enough iMacs for Christmas, okay? 😉 )

A decent portion of the shit sandwich Apple is currently being forced to eat came from their kitchen. A too-small 3.5″ to 4″ increase with a bunch of “one-handed operation” baloney plopped on top trying to cover the mistake.

Ah, well, better late than never: We’re looking forward to the kneecapping of South Korea’s slavish copier ASAP in 2014!

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