Comcast to bring higher-speed ‘X1’ service to NY, LA after Time Warner Cable acquisition

“Within a year after its $45 billion acquisition of Time Warner Cable Inc. closes, Comcast Corp aims to make its advanced X1 cable service available in areas such as New York and Los Angeles and other markets where it will gain a commanding new presence,” Reuters reports. “‘We’ll be within the first markets in a year,’ Neil Smit, president and chief executive of Comcast’s cable unit, told Reuters.”

“The new technology would “bring considerably higher Internet speeds to Time Warner Cable customers” in those cities, Smit said, and give them access to such X1 services as Internet applications, viewing recommendations and voice control,” Reuters reports. “Time Warner Cable’s new advanced cable boxes should be capable of running Comcast’s X1 operating system, Smit said in a recent interview at a cable industry show in Los Angeles, making the transition easier.”

MacDailyNews Take: That’s good, because what they’re running now is: DogShit OS™.

“Comcast is waiting for regulatory approval of the Time Warner Cable deal. To that end, it announced last week it would divest 3.9 million subscribers to Charter, a complicated deal under which Comcast will trade some of its cable systems to Charter,” Reuters reports. “The TWC and Charter deals would leave Comcast a strong presence on both the East and West coasts and Texas.”

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[Attribution: NY Post. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn W.” for the heads up.]


      1. don’t have it yet, but they rewired by building a few months ago so i will get it soon. i know because i was working at home and my internet went out. i called tech support and they had no idea why.

        i walk outside my apartment to get lunch and there they are in the hallway with all the cabling disconnected and running new cables

    1. kcwookie – your post made me cringe.

      I wouldn’t touch ANYTHING related to Google. Even if they paid ME. By signing up with Google, all you are doing is giving away your information and information about you. Yes other companies collect information but Google is in a league all it’s own. PLEASE go with another service. Paying for a slower TWC is much better than the cost of your privacy and personal information. I am honestly trying to help you. Good luck! Hopefully it is not too late to cancel.

  1. We have the X1 service, and soon will be getting X2. It’s actually a pretty decent system. Also our speeds are decent too. We consistently get 120mbps+ on a “Up to 105mbps” plan and could get 300mbps if we wanted.

  2. Yes, the X1 service will be what we have now, but it will be rebranded to be “premium-speed” while the rest of their customer are downgraded to 56k modem speed. Thanks FCC!

  3. In Los Angeles I started with Time Warner internet at 3Mbs at $30, six years ago Now they charge me $50 for 3Mbs. I imagine “X1” will be in the $100 range . . . LA doesn’t need X1, it needs the government to get rid of the monopoly.

  4. We switched from DirecTV to Comcast Xfiniity X1 about 6 months ago. The tittle of your article seams misnamed. It seams to name X1 as the speed of internet service you might get if you get this product. That is not how I see it. X1 is a platform or an entertainment operating system as Comcast calls it. It is pretty cool. What I like about it is it marries the DVR with the cloud. If I forgot to record Vikings or Good Wife for example or if the times of these programs changed because of an overtime football game (this happens a lot) then I just watch it on demand from the cloud rather than from the DVR. In fact you start to rely less on the DVR and more from the cloud as time goes on. X2 will be mostly cloud and I understand that they are prototyping X3 as well which I believe is cloud only. The speed of your internet service has to do with what is available in your area and what you are willing to pay. I get the cheapest service with my package (I have the triple play) which comes to about $150 with HBO after taxes etc. with the X1 box and 2 extra HD slave boxes, telephone and 30 MB internet. I think that price goes up to $200 after the promo ends after the 1st year but if I call and ask for the loyalty dept it should go for another year. The only thing I don’t like is the slave boxes don’t allow you to pause live TV. You have to record the show you are watching to do that. I would even spring for DVRs in those rooms, but there are no X1 Slave/DVR hybrid devices. Also I had AnyPlay which allowed you to use your iPad to watch live TV but they discontinued it on April 30th. Bummer. There new product Xfinity To Go is inferior.

  5. I used to have time warner 80 Mbps in southern ca. Got rid of it. What I found is the rest of the Internet does not move at that speed. I get 15 Mbps as the fastest. 80 Mbps just let’s me open more connections. So it’s not all that useful in many regards.

  6. This deal is the worst thing possible. If it goes through it just proves that the cable companies and telecoms own the FCC. But I guess we know that already? Look where the last head of the FCC ended up after he left. Look where the current head of the FCC came from. And they do this in front of the public. Google maybe evil but this is a monumental decision. This is what’s really important. Unbelievable.

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