“If Tim Cook is to fully take reins from Steve Jobs, he’ll need to bet the company on his own grand product vision—one that suspends investors’ disbelief without affecting Apple’s stock price,” Steven Max Patterson writes for Quartz. “Apple’s next big product will have to be television and because of the barriers to entering the television market in the US, Apple will need to make its introduction in another world market, and China appears to be the best alternative.”

“Apple needs a new product category that matches its $170 billion annual revenue scale. Inventing an entirely new and untested product category like watches and wearables can’t generate large gains and fuel Apple’s growth. So its only option is to disrupt a very large existing industry with its product design prowess and brand,” Patterson writes. “A big splash in the $400 billion worldwide television market will reestablish Apple as an innovator and tantalize its investors and observers with growth prospects that match its scale.”

Patterson writes, “The iTV (as some have called it) will first appear in China because the country has millions of the right consumers, an abundance of television content, and a partner in China Mobile that has an abundance of radio spectrum to wirelessly deliver television to mobile devices and to the living room.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Edward W.” for the heads up.]