Apple doesn’t break down its iPhone sales figures, so we don’t know for sure that the iPhone 5c sold poorly, but certainly everything we do know seems to point in that direction – from early sales estimates through analytics and consumer surveys to Apple switching production from the 5c to the 5s,” Ben Lovejoy writes for 9to5Mac.

“None of this necessarily means that the 5c was a complete failure, of course: record-breaking iPhone sales right from the outset could mean that the plastic phone did ok, it’s simply that the 5s sold far better than expected,” Lovejoy writes. “It could also be that it was the extra sales gained from the 5c that helped break those records.”

“But I suspect not. While the brightly-colored 5c was not without its fans, it was the iPhone 5s with its Touch ID sensor and gold colored model that got all the attention, and I don’t think Tumblr advertising is going to change that,” Lovejoy writes. “So my bet is we will again see a trend away from colorful plastic iPhones.”

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