“Apple is restoring a feature in its upcoming version of iOS that had plagued makers of geolocation apps,” Richard Byrne Reilly reports for VentureBeat.

“The feature allows the apps to continue tracking users’ locations in the background, even if the app is switched off. Apple’s current version, 1.7 [sic], disconnects geolocation features when users kill a running application in the Switcher,” Reilly reports. “And it appears to be the result of a letter sent by an app maker to Apple chief executive Tim Cook.”

“Life360 chief executive and co-founder Chris Hulls recently sent Cook what he called a ‘Hail Mary’ letter diplomatically complaining that Apple’s iOS 7 wouldn’t allow users to successfully run his company’s geolocation safety app,” Reilly reports. “Hulls was floored by what happened next. ‘I guess he was listening,’ Hulls told VentureBeat, noting the letter was sent to Cook February 1. ‘They fixed it.'”

Much more, including the letter, in the full article here.