“In a summary judgment order entered late on Tuesday (January 21, 2014), Judge Lucy Koh, the federal judge presiding over two Apple v. Samsung patent cases in the Northern District of California, found Samsung’s Android-based devices to infringe an Apple patent on word recommendations (autocomplete) and declared a Samsung patent on multimedia synchronization invalid,” Florian Müller reports for FOSS Patents.

“Judge Koh denied a couple of other summary judgment requests by Apple and the entirety of Samsung’s related motion, leaving those issues to a federal jury,” Müller reports. “This decision increases, not hugely but significantly, the likelihood of Apple emerging victorious in a multi-patent trial scheduled to begin on March 31, 2014.”

“The outcome of the new summary judgment ruling is reminiscent of what happened ahead of the summer 2012 California trial between these companies. At the same stage of that litigation, all of Samsung’s summary judgment requests were denied as well, while Apple was cleared of infringement of one of Samsung’s patents,” Müller reports. “This time around the outcome is even better for Apple because it now holds an infringement finding in its hand and merely has to defend the validity of the autocomplete patent at the spring trial.”

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“The latest development comes as Apple and Samsung continue to fight it out in global courts over patent infringement, a battle that began when Apple first sued Samsung in 2011,” Daisuke Wakabayashi and Min-Jeong Lee report for The Wall Street Journal.

“So far, Apple has gotten the better of Samsung,” Wakabayashi and Lee report. “In a high-profile U.S. case, a federal jury ordered Samsung to pay Apple a combined $930 million for infringing Apple’s intellectual property.

“The March trial between the two companies involves a different set of Apple patents used in more recent Samsung products such as the Galaxy S III smartphone,” Wakabayashi and Lee report. “Since the coming trial involves newer products that were bigger sellers, industry experts say there is a possibility of an even larger damages award if Samsung is found to have infringed Apple’s patents.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Usually, the wheels of “justice” grind so slowly as to be in reverse. This decision makes the wheels seem merely to be stopped. Joy.

This is the slowest thermonuclear detonation in the history of the universe.