Apple v. Samsung: U.S. court finds Samsung to infringe Apple patent, declares Samsung patent invalid

“In a summary judgment order entered late on Tuesday (January 21, 2014), Judge Lucy Koh, the federal judge presiding over two Apple v. Samsung patent cases in the Northern District of California, found Samsung’s Android-based devices to infringe an Apple patent on word recommendations (autocomplete) and declared a Samsung patent on multimedia synchronization invalid,” Florian Müller reports for FOSS Patents.

“Judge Koh denied a couple of other summary judgment requests by Apple and the entirety of Samsung’s related motion, leaving those issues to a federal jury,” Müller reports. “This decision increases, not hugely but significantly, the likelihood of Apple emerging victorious in a multi-patent trial scheduled to begin on March 31, 2014.”

“The outcome of the new summary judgment ruling is reminiscent of what happened ahead of the summer 2012 California trial between these companies. At the same stage of that litigation, all of Samsung’s summary judgment requests were denied as well, while Apple was cleared of infringement of one of Samsung’s patents,” Müller reports. “This time around the outcome is even better for Apple because it now holds an infringement finding in its hand and merely has to defend the validity of the autocomplete patent at the spring trial.”

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“The latest development comes as Apple and Samsung continue to fight it out in global courts over patent infringement, a battle that began when Apple first sued Samsung in 2011,” Daisuke Wakabayashi and Min-Jeong Lee report for The Wall Street Journal.

“So far, Apple has gotten the better of Samsung,” Wakabayashi and Lee report. “In a high-profile U.S. case, a federal jury ordered Samsung to pay Apple a combined $930 million for infringing Apple’s intellectual property.

“The March trial between the two companies involves a different set of Apple patents used in more recent Samsung products such as the Galaxy S III smartphone,” Wakabayashi and Lee report. “Since the coming trial involves newer products that were bigger sellers, industry experts say there is a possibility of an even larger damages award if Samsung is found to have infringed Apple’s patents.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Usually, the wheels of “justice” grind so slowly as to be in reverse. This decision makes the wheels seem merely to be stopped. Joy.

This is the slowest thermonuclear detonation in the history of the universe.


  1. With all the obvious copying, the summary judgement finds the “autocomplete” function to have been copied? That is it? It appears that 90% of the physical appearance and the software appearance was directly stolen and autocomplete is what the judge identifies? This is amazing.

    1. When you go into litigation you almost always ask for a summary judgement on all counts.

      A judge rarely gives a summary judgement unless the facts and legal rationale is fairly obvious. This is just the one where the judge ruled it was fairly obvious and thus gave a summary judgement in Apple’s favor. For the rest the judge just declined to give a summary judgement.

      A judge declining to give a summary judgement is absolutely NOT a ruling against the validity of any of the other claims. It is just saying that it is not obvious and therefore will go to trial.

  2. “This is the slowest thermonuclear detonation in the history of the universe.”

    At least it’s detonating faster than our sun (billions of years).

    Normally these types of proceedings move at a glacial pace. At times this one has seemed to have been moving at a tectonic pace.

    1. My science classes were long before any of this mess began, but if I recall correctly, our sun exists only because it is thermonuclear detonating every second of it’s existence, less it collapse inward and supernova with extreme consequences for the first four planets. 🙂

        1. But, and this is important, never forget that the sun, thermonuclear explosions and all, has nothing to do with the temperatures on earth. Changes in earths temperature is only affected by us. Not by volcanic emissions, not by the sun, not by the position of the earth relative to the sun, nor sunspots nor anything but man.

            1. I wonder how you explain the many periods of warming before the industrial revolution ? How do you explain that the same scientists now claiming warming is a threat and requires vast taxes to counter and also vast lifestyle changes, these same scientists were declaring the oncoming ice age about 30 years ago. How do you explain the certain of warming advocates who cannot predict the weather a month from now, but predict what will happen in 30 years? How do you explain that these scientists have never been right yet? How does man account for all this when man is an insignificant factor in the scheme of the earth, the sun, the atmosphere and the entire thing is a system we have no ability to even begin to comprehend? How do you account for the fact that most of the supposed scientists who promote all this, and discount all scientists who don’t agree, are funded by governments which want the warming scare in order to have a rationale for large scale new taxes? In effect, the scientists are not objective but are just opinion whores? All the government money goes to the opinion whores who will say what they are paid to say, like Michael Mann, who conspired to rig data to support his phony hockey stick. How do you explain all these people so wrought up about global warming who drive BMWs, have multiple McMansions, fly around the world, use fuel like there is no danger, use air conditioning in their homes, and totally rely on the benefits of cheap energy that comes from oil? How do you explain that hypocrisy? I mean total hypocrites like Al Gore. If they were honest, they would live lives like Ted Kasynski, who lived in a hut and rode a bike and blew up people he didn’t like. An honest liberal.

  3. Samsung seem to be on a suicidal course where they continue to copy everything Apple does. The Samsung phone success is a castle built on sand – and as the tide turns Samsung is finding that the foundations of its strategy are being washed out from under them.

    Ditto for Google, who seem to have realised that Android is on a path to nowhere and are now focusing on Chrome.

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