“San Francisco District Attorney George Gascón released survey results Wednesday that he says makes an argument for Apple to enable its Activation Lock security feature on every phone,” Donna Tam reports for CNET.

“When enabled, Activation Lock — which is available for iOS 7 users and requires them to activate the ‘Find my Phone’ tracking feature — prevents the unauthorized resetting of an iPhone or iPad,” Tam reports. “Gascon’s survey indicated that 78 percent of respondents who owned an iPhone have enabled the security feature. According to him, it’s an indication that Apple should enable this technology on all of its phones as a standard.”

Tam reports, “‘Apple should be commended for leading the way and making efforts to safeguard their customers, but it is still too early to tell how effective their solution will be,’ Gascon said in a statement. ‘Until Activation Lock is fully opt-out, it appears many iPhone owners will not have the solution enabled. This leaves iPhone users at risk as thieves cannot distinguish between those devices that have the feature enabled and those that do not.’”

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MacDailyNews Take: Can somebody parse this sentence for us:

Until Activation Lock is fully opt-out, it appears many iPhone owners will not have the solution enabled.

It’s either too late in the day for us or Gascon doesn’t understand the meaning of “opt-out.”

The problem is the thieves, not the items that they steal. If you make one item “theft-proof,” you will still have the same criminals on the street. They will simply steal something else (like sneakers, purses, wallets, watches, etc.). How about addressing the cause of the problem for a change, instead of just applying band-aids to the symptoms?

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