RUMOR: Apple to launch 4K Thunderbolt Display alongside Mac Pro on December 19

We have been hearing a growing smattering of chatter from disparate sources, none of which can be confirmed to our satisfaction to report this as anything other than a rumor, that Apple is planning to surprise professional users with a 4K UltraHD Thunderbolt Display alongside the release of the Mac Pro tomorrow, December 19th.

In addition, there may be “some other Apple peripherals that also show up alongside the Mac Pro,” says one source.

Again, this is a rumor, but we think enough of the information received and the sources in total to pass it along.

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      1. I’ve been theorizing the same thing for months now. Absence of a Haswell Mini is puzzling…. BUT maybe it is now positioned as Apple’s “Prosumer” solution to wannabe Mac Pro buyers, and an updated Mini released along side the Mac Pro will placate many. Hope it happens.

      2. Have to say that wouldn’t make sense. Not at this date, any ways. That would force a bunch of people to return their and last-gen mini Christmas gifts for the new version, not to mention that there would be some iMac buyers who would also rethink and purchase the new mini instead (if they happen to have a display already).

        There’ll be a Haswell mini, of course, but it will be coming in the first or second quarter.

    1. Hannah, you forget that the corollary to Hannah’s Law of Headlines:
      “Any article with a title that starts our with “Rumor:” is likely a 100% fabrication by the author.”

  1. Apple is planning to surprise professional users with a 4K UltraHD Thunderbolt Display

    We already know what Apple is doing: They’re offering already existent THIRD PARTY accessories that work directly with the new Mac Pro. Apple wisely is NOT duplicating what is already available to its customers. Why bother?

    If Apple comes out with its own accessories for anything, they’re going to continue to be something you CANNOT get elsewhere. Gigantic DUH factor.

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