“Bad news for Samsung, again. Approximately eight hours after the $290 million jury verdict concluding the Apple v. Samsung limited damages retrial in the Northern District of California, the Mannheim Regional Court just announced a decision in a German Samsung v. Apple case (September trial report) over a (declared) 3G standard-essential patent (SEP), EP1679803 on a “method for configuring gain factors for uplink service in radio telecommunication system,” Florian Müller writes for FOSS Patents.

“Judge Andreas Voss (‘Voß’ in German) and the panel he presides over stayed this litigation pending a parallel nullity (invalidation) action before the Federal Patent Court of Germany,” Müller writes. “The court has identified an infringement but doubts that the patent is valid.”

“Furthermore, standing has not necessarily been established, but if the patent is declared invalid, this question won’t have to be resolved definitively anyway,” Müller writes. “At this stage Samsung was suing only for damages, not pursuing an injunction. It wanted to finally win a German case over one of its SEPs against Apple, but for the time being its SEP assertions in Germany have a 100% dropout rate, a fact that stands in stark contrast to its huge royalty demands.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Samsung’s lawyers are as inferior as their products.