“After recruiting Siri to bad-mouth the iPad, launching an iPad comparison site, and picking on the iPad mini, Microsoft now wants to buy your Apple tablet,” Tom Warren reports for The Verge.

MacDailyNews Take: We love the smell of Microsoft desperation in the morning!

“The Surface maker has launched a promotion at its brick-and-mortar stores in the US that lets iPad 2, iPad 3, and iPad 4 owners trade in their tablets for at least a $200 gift card,” Warren reports.

MacDailyNews Take: You know, those empty areas inside a handful of malls that look like Apple Retail Stores as if designed by blind community college freshmen sucking on the blue keg.

Big Dummy BallmerWarren reports, “The devices have to be ‘gently used’ and the offer is only available in Microsoft Stores in the US and Canada, and not online. The deal is designed to convince iPad owners to switch to Surface tablets. Microsoft was forced to cut its Surface RT price by 30 percent worldwide after slow sales of the devices and a $900 million write-down. The company has also cut its Surface Pro tablet by $100 recently.”

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MacDailyNews Take: In related news, the local sewage plant is offering at least $200 for anyone willing to trade in their bottles of Dom Pérignon…

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Tom R.” for the heads up.]