“TiVo on Tuesday announced its first major update to its line of digital video recorders in three years, giving buyers the opportunity to stream content from a DVR to an iOS-powered device such as an iPhone or iPad,” Kevin Bostic reports for AppleInsider.

“The new line of Roamio DVRs are now stepping onto turf previously occupied by devices such as the Slingbox, though TiVo’s new lineup has a wider feature set than does the Slingbox,” Bostic reports. “In adding streaming to mobile functionality, the new DVRs subsume the features of a pre-existing TiVo device, the TiVo Stream add-on box. That device paired with TiVo Premiere DVRs to stream to iOS devices.”

Bostic reports, “Most of the Roamio DVRs will be able to stream live and recorded content to iOS devices outside of the home, but that functionality will not be available until some months after the Roamio line launches. That capability will likely come in the form of a firmware update.”

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