“CNBC’s Jim Cramer says Apple should consider giving Carl Icahn a seat on the board now that the billionaire investor has announced he’s bought a large position in the company,” Paul Toscano reports for CNBC.

“‘They’ve got a new sheriff in town,’ Cramer said Wednesday on ‘Squawk Box.’ With so much cash on Apple’s balance sheet—$146.6 billion, Icahn will likely have a say in what the company will do with the money,” Toscano reports. “‘Maybe he wants a seat at the table. Would I give him a seat? Yeah,’ Cramer said. ‘I think Icahn is the single best investor in America today, so yes I would.'”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Only on planet Cramer does owning 0.22% of a company’s outstanding stock get you the sheriff’s badge.

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