“As Apple prepares its latest enhancements to Maps with iOS 7, Google has released its own major update for Google Maps on iOS,” Daniel Eran Dilger writes for AppleInsider. “Here’s how the two compare in location data and local search, our fourth segment looking at mobile maps.”

“Apple’s new iOS 6 Maps introduced cutting edge technology related to efficient 2D and perspective vector maps, as well as 3D visualizations of satellite maps, a feature Apple calls Flyover,” Dilger writes. ” In these areas, Apple is well ahead of the mobile apps from Google and Nokia, the existing market leaders. Apple’s mobile iOS 6 Maps is even well ahead of Google and Nokia in the arena for 3D mapping visualizations using a full powered desktop.”

Dilger writes, “Apple’s Maps also handle offline use much more efficiently. If you do any traveling where you work outside of the network service area, being able to efficiently work offline is a major feature.”

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