“Apple’s new MacBook Air showcases the new Intel Haswell microprocessor, but it marks the beginning of the end of the decade-long marriage between Apple and Intel,” Phil Moore writes for Stabley Times.

“Apple moved exclusively to Intel processors for its Mac computers when it first launched its MacBook lineup, and that arrangement is still in place to this day,” Moore writes. “But Apple bypassed Intel when it launched the iPad, initially using a competitor for low power mobile processors and since developing its own iPad chips in house.”

MacDailyNews Take: Actually, Apple asked Intel for a processor for iPhone, but Intel “ended up not winning it or passing on it, depending on how you want to view it.” That’s the biggest failure and/or mistake Intel ever made.

Moore writes, “Haswell sees Intel finally moving in a low power direction, but with Apple already in the chip business itself, it’s a matter of time before the MacBook Air shifts from Intel to the same chip architecture as the iPad.”

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