Massive iPhone sales at Verizon Wireless hint at Apple earnings surprise next Tuesday

“iPhone sales jumped dramatically at Verizon,” John Koetsier reports for VentureBeat. “And Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty recently upped her forecast of the number of phones Apple is selling this quarter.”

“Are we in for some surprises with Apple earnings next week?” Koetsier reports. “Verizon’s results, released today, reveal that 3.8 million of its 7.5 million new smartphone activations this past quarter were iPhones. That’s 51 percent of all new smartphone activations, and the 3.8 million iPhones is a 41 percent increase from the 2.7 million iPhones Verizon activated in the year-ago quarter.”

Koetsier reports, “That’s impressive.”

Read more in the full article here.

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      1. Steve Ballmer calls Apple’s Mac growth a “rounding error”…/steve_ballmer_calls_apples_mac_growth_a_roundin…‎
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  1. This has to be complete bullshit as none of the analyst have given Apple a chance of survival for several months. There has been almost universal agreement that Apple cannot innovate, large phones rule, Tim Cook is a loser, Apple is the most hated stock in the universe, etc. And now you try to tell me that our financial communities best and brightest may be wrong? On what planet do you reside? 🙂

    1. It’s the opposite of FUD. It’s called HYPE.

      It is yet-another sheeple herding technique of olde. You herd the sheeple to figure out that Apple really IS the greatest company on the planet. ‘Oh! Oh yeah!’ figure out the sheeple. They go day trade for AAPL, run up the stock price to something reasonable, recovering from the Apple Bear Bullshit era, and all the FUD mongering parasites now have VALUABLE, realistically valued AAPL stock in hand that they bought at ridiculously low prices.

      Hurray for them.

      I H8 parasites. 😛

    2. Still the baseless attack on analysts? The stuff you are reading and quoting is written by tech JOURNALISTS, who often quote a snippet from an analyst to try and lend authenticity to their stories. Analysts don’t write media articles, journalists do – the continual beef on this website aimed at analysts should actually be aimed at journalists. As for Apple stock prices, markets are strange beasts and prices often rise and fall through market sentiment rather than hard facts. All you Apple shareholders who read and write on MDN are part of that market and therefore part of the problem.

      1. If a journalist uses an unreliable source without making further checks, then that journalist is a poor journalist.

        In the case of analysts, if a poor analyst makes a wrong analysis and then a poor journalist prints that wrong analysis, what has happened is the result of poor analysis followed by poor journalism.

        Journalists should always check how reliable previous stories from a particular analyst has been and ideally should include that information in their article.

  2. recently we read that Verizon might owe Apple 14 billion in sales commitments.

    Maybe the good sales now is just the Verizon CEO telling his sales staff to spend not 100% of their time pushing Android and other phones but just 98% and the other two percent on apple?

    Seriously all the carrier CEOs over and over again in conferences, financial calls etc has said they do NOT want to push apple , that it is “better for the industry” to have MULTIPLE sources of phones ( they do NOT want apple controlling everything). The CEO of AT&T (which owes its survival for being the first iPhone carrier) carries a Windows Phone around. He whipped it out in a TV interview when someone asked him about iPhone sales …

    Walk into a carrier phone store and they will push android. Most of their deals are tied to Android.

    if carriers push iPhone like android iPhone sales would be even bigger in U.S.

  3. I’m not counting on anything positive from Apple’s earnings this month. Apple’s fortunes depend on the fidgety hedge funds’ whims and they can easily be disappointed for any number of reasons. I’ll settle for Apple’s share price not dropping below $410.

    I know something is wrong with the stock market when Microsoft is still up nearly 30% YTD despite barely making any of its numbers and having horrible Surface RT sales along with turgid Windows Phone sales. Most tech companies have been up YTD while Apple shareholders continue to be punished for reasons that make little fundamental sense. The stock market basically remains pessimistic about Apple’s future.

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