“The suspense is building. After Samsung and HTC upped the game with their recent Android phones, the Galaxy S4 and the One respectively, the focus is shifting to what comes next from Apple,” Dan Farber reports for CNET. “Various analysts who track Apple and mine information from its supply chain are predicting an early summer debut for a new flagship iPhone. Brian White of Topeka Capital Markets is expecting more. He is predicting that Apple will offer the new iPhone in at least two and possibly three screen sizes.”

Farber reports, “Its move to a 4-inch display with the iPhone 5 last year — the first time it changed its display size — was a step in the right direction. But it may need to get more radical if its to keep pace with the ever-increasing screen sizes churned out by the likes of Samsung and HTC… Apple is not just going to slap a larger screen on an iPhone body. It has to be better than what came before, smaller (at least in thickness), and lighter. At this juncture, how much thinner, smaller, and lighter can Apple’s engineers go on the iPhone? How much longer can Apple wait to give users the option of an even larger screen? … If White’s prediction is correct, Apple finally will match its competitors with an iPhone sporting a sharp, 5-inch, 1080p high-definition screen.”

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MacDailyNews Take: And they’d say that a 5-inch display isn’t large enough as Apple continues to pile up quarter after quarter of record-breaking, yet somehow “disappointing,” iPhone sales.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]

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