“Now that Google is going its own way and developing its rendering engine independently of the WebKit project, both sides of the split are starting the work of removing all the things they don’t actually need,” Peter Bright writes for Ars Technica.

“This is already causing some tensions among WebKit users and Web developers, as it could lead to the removal of technology that they use or technology that is in the process of being standardized,” Bright writes. “This is leading some to question whether Apple is willing or able to fill in the gaps that Google has left.”

Bright writes, “Google said that the decision to fork was driven by engineering concerns and that forking would enable faster development by both sides. That work is already under way, and both teams are now preparing to rip all these unnecessary bits out. Right now, it looks like Google has it easier… Apple’s position is much trickier, because many other projects use WebKit, and no one person knows which features are demanded by which projects.”

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