“CACI International Inc. has altered ‘thousands’ of Apple Inc. iPads so they can be used securely by the U.S. government, according to Dan Allen, CACI’s chief executive officer,” Nick Taborek reports for Bloomberg. “‘It’s a neutered iPad,’ Allen said today during a meeting with Bloomberg Government reporters and editors. ‘We’re working on how do we effectively brand it.'”

“The iPad work is one example of how the federal contractor is investing in mobile technology to help offset reduced revenue tied to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, he said,” Taborek reports. “‘We’re looking at how do you go chase that market and how do you put partnerships in place,’ Allen said. ‘The things that we’re doing with Apple around mobility — it’s a broad market play.’ CACI, based in Arlington, Virginia, secures iPads for the government by altering the hardware rather than by providing software, Allen said. While the iPad’s wireless connectivity and camera are among the features he said are risky in a top-secret environment, he declined to provide details on how CACI secures the devices.”

Taborek reports, “Apple has been gaining traction in the federal government… iPad adopters within the government include President Barack Obama, who has said he uses one to watch National Basketball Association games.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Send one of those babies on over to Macmillan’s John Sargent. They’d be like two peas in a pod… oh, sorry, neutered iPads and John, make that no peas in a pod.

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