CACI neuters Apple iPads for U.S. government in mobile push

“CACI International Inc. has altered ‘thousands’ of Apple Inc. iPads so they can be used securely by the U.S. government, according to Dan Allen, CACI’s chief executive officer,” Nick Taborek reports for Bloomberg. “‘It’s a neutered iPad,’ Allen said today during a meeting with Bloomberg Government reporters and editors. ‘We’re working on how do we effectively brand it.'”

“The iPad work is one example of how the federal contractor is investing in mobile technology to help offset reduced revenue tied to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, he said,” Taborek reports. “‘We’re looking at how do you go chase that market and how do you put partnerships in place,’ Allen said. ‘The things that we’re doing with Apple around mobility — it’s a broad market play.’ CACI, based in Arlington, Virginia, secures iPads for the government by altering the hardware rather than by providing software, Allen said. While the iPad’s wireless connectivity and camera are among the features he said are risky in a top-secret environment, he declined to provide details on how CACI secures the devices.”

Taborek reports, “Apple has been gaining traction in the federal government… iPad adopters within the government include President Barack Obama, who has said he uses one to watch National Basketball Association games.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Send one of those babies on over to Macmillan’s John Sargent. They’d be like two peas in a pod… oh, sorry, neutered iPads and John, make that no peas in a pod.

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  1. Watching NBA games on his iPad, huh? Busy, busy, busy empty suit.

    So, is that where he was the night four Americans were murdered in Benghazi on September 11, 2012? Oh, wait, the NBA season didn’t begin until October 30th.

    The mystery of the empty chair continues. I’m sure the mainstream media is working overtime to break this story. You know, just like if a Republican President was AWOL the night the night four Americans were murdered on his watch. 😉

      1. On the contrary, President Bush was present and accounted for at all times:

        For President Bush, Sept. 11 2001, started with the usual routine. Before dawn, the president was on his four-mile run.

        It was just before 6 a.m., and at the same moment, another man was on the move: Mohammad Atta, who was caught by a security camera on his way to lead the attack against America.

        Two hours later, as Mr. Bush drove to an elementary school, hijackers on four planes were murdering the flight crews and turning the airliners east. As the motorcade neared the school at 8:45 a.m., jet engines echoed in Manhattan.

        Atta plunged the 767 jumbo jet into World Trade Center Tower One.

        “I thought it was an accident,” says Mr. Bush. “I thought it was a pilot error. I thought that some foolish soul had gotten lost – and made a terrible mistake.”

        Mr. Bush was told about the first plane just before sitting down with a class of second graders. He was watching a reading drill when, just after 9 a.m., United Flight 175 exploded into the second tower.

        There was the sudden realization that what had seemed like a terrible mistake was a coordinated attack on the nation – live on TV.

        Back in the Florida classroom, press secretary Ari Fleischer got the news on his pager. The president’s chief-of-staff, Andy Card, stepped in.

        “A second plane hit the second tower; America is under attack,” Card told the president. What was Mr. Bush’s reaction?

        “I saw him coming to recognition of what I had said,” recalls Card. “I think he understood that he was going to have to take command as commander-in-chief, not just as president.”
        What was going through Bush’s mind when he heard the news?

        “We’re at war and somebody has dared attack us and we’re going to do something about it,” recalls Mr. Bush. “I realized I was in a unique setting to receive a message that somebody attacked us, and I was looking at these little children and all of the sudden we were at war. I can remember noticing the press pool and the press corps beginning to get the calls and seeing the look on their face. And it became evident that we were, you know, that the world had changed.”

        Mr. Bush walked into a classroom set up with a secure phone. He called the vice president, pulling the phone cord tight as he spun to see the attack on TV. Then he grabbed a legal pad and quickly wrote his first words to the nation.

        “Ladies and gentlemen, this is a difficult moment for America,” he said in the speech. “Today, we’ve had a national tragedy. Two airplanes have crashed into the World Trade Center in an apparent terrorist attack on our country.”

        At 9:57 a.m., Air Force One thundered down the runway, blasting smoke and dust in a full-thrust take off. Communications Director Dan Bartlett was on board: “It was like a rocket. For a good 10 minutes, the plane was going almost straight up.”

        By 10:30 a.m., America’s largest city was devastated, its military headquarters were burning. Air Force One turned west along the Gulf Coast.

        “I can remember sitting right here in this office thinking about the consequences of what had taken place and realizing it was the defining moment in the history of the United States,” says President Bush. “I didn’t need any legal briefs, I didn’t need any consultations, I knew we were at war.”

        Mr. Bush says the first hours were frustrating. He watched the horrifying pictures, but the TV signal was breaking up. His calls to Cheney were cutting out. And he says he pounded his desk shouting, “This is inexcusable. Get me the vice president.”

        “I was trying to clear the fog of war, and there is a fog of war,” says the president. “Information was just flying from all directions.”

        Card brought in the reports. There was word Camp David had been hit. A jet was thought to be targeting Mr. Bush’s ranch.

        “I remember hearing that the State Department might have been hit, or that the White House had a fire in it,” says Card. “So we were hearing lots of different information.”


        And the total casualties that day were 2,996, not “14,000.”

        1. When I turn my BBQ on and leave the burners burning at full for 2 hours, the Steel bars remain totally Solid. They did not melt or weaken.

          Yet three foot thick steel beams in buildings with oxygen starved wood fires totally give way after 1 hour.

          And Oh yeah, no need to pay demolition experts to demolish buildings anymore….just start a few random fires here and there and the buildings will collapse into their footprints at close to free-fall.

            1. There is almost no knowledge on macro-structural failure with huge forces involved. It is too costly to erect a tower to study the destruction by various types of disruption. Almost all testing is done on small samples or on scale models. For those who have seen Mount Saint Helen erupt, you get the idea how solid rock can turn to ‘flour’ in a few seconds when great force is applied. When the WTC towers fell, the kinetic loading was so incredibly large and beyond the design strength of the floors below that the domino effect built up the kinetic load to monstrous values.

            2. Airplane pilots, PHD Physicists, Architects, Structural Engineers and Demolition Experts would disagree with you. As indeed other skyscrapers which burnt for 24 hours at far greater temperatures who still stood up.

              You are the fucking idiot… your fucking eyes!!

            3. No, they wouldn’t.

              Have you ever seen how the twin Towers were built?
              They are a little different than most buildings.
              Sorry, I know, waaaaay too much info for your small IQ.

          1. I worked on the 49th floor in 1 WTC for 8 years and there was no wood in that building. You are a complete moron who spends too much to time watching crap on YouTube. I’m mortified that you appear to use aapl products.
            You forgot to throw 58,000 pounds of jet fuel on your bbq and sit 30 or 40 stories of the WTC on top of it. You might see some buckling then.

            1. Paper, cloth, carpets, other wood products ARE WOOD!

              And yes, I was on the 50th floor too.

              The jet fuel burnt off in the first minute dickwad! AND jet fuel does not reach ANYWHERE NEAR the temperatures required to weaken STEEL.

            2. What a bunch of CRAP!!

              You believe this???? Ask yourself just ONE question here. How does debris have any “horizontal energy” to come flying sideways out of the collapsing towers? It should not without explosives. So you must agree that explosives must be present to shoot tons of mass sideways. Otherwise it is impossible. This is physics 101.

              You believe this shit video but not the real evidence provided by real firefighters on the scene or PHD engineers and pilots and actual real footage showing explosives. Fucking Moron!

            3. It’s called ‘inertia’, not that it matters to you, but that is the ability to push debris outward because of the downward force transferred when the debris is momentarily kept from going in the original direction.

              But you have already seen the ‘dark’ light and cannot stray from your dug in position.

              We have seen the light, too. It shines through one of your ears and out the other……

            4. Yes I agree George Bush is really an Islamist space alien and the attacks were a joint effort of the NRA the PLO the CIA and Big Bird from Sesame Street. Now you might want to adjust your tin foil I don’t think it’s completely shielding you from the government mind control rays based on alien technology from Roswell.

              Also cut back on peanut butter and jelly since the government puts mind altering chemicals in that to keep you week, obedient and docile.

            5. Building 7 was badly damaged by debris from the falling towers, material inside caught fire, and fire services allowed it to burn out and collapse because there were no available fire fighters and water pressure was too low. Nobody was at risk, so a badly compromised building was sacrificed.
              This is recorded fact, BBQ, and you are a fuckwit.

          2. Typical conspiracy halfwit with zero engineering or architectural knowledge whatsoever. A modern jet, weighing a couple of hundred tons, full of avgas, travelling at around three to four hundred knots, hits a building and burning fuel spreads right through a building that has had it’s fire proofing and structural integrity totally compromised. That burning fuel heats and weakens the steel supports to the point that they can no longer carry the weight of hundreds of tons of steel, masonry and concrete, and collapse in the only possible direction; straight down.
            Have you never seen how tall buildings are demolished? Charges to weaken the structure in such a way that it drops straight into its own footprint.
            Those towers were never designed to survive an impact such as they received on 9/11, and there are sound, proven engineering reasons why they collapsed like they did.
            But lunatics like you cannot accept that, you have to believe the ‘govmint’ was behind it, and any proof otherwise is proof that the ‘govmint’ and shadowy forces have doctored that proof.
            Go see a therapist, for Chris’sakes, you need help.

      2. Nice try at misdirection, liar, but I’m not a low information Obama voter.

        So, where was Obama the night four Americans were murdered in Benghazi on September 11, 2012?

          1. You completely missed the point.
            An attack on an embassy is an attack on US soil.
            An attack on a US Ambassador is an attack on the US government.

            Also, there were several issues going on that night in Egypt, so you would think the President might have been less detached and a little more interested in developments.

            Also, according to Panettea, if maybe the President or Secretary of State had added more input, the military could have been informed.

            Too bad….

            1. Would you like a rundown of terrorist attacks against US interests and the Presidents in power when they occurred?

              That you can not see this as the unprecedented hyperbole and vicious political attack it is pandering to those who oppose the POTUS speaks volumes about your capacity for rational thought.

            2. I agree with you about it being political. That you cannot see the difference in the way all those situations were handled speaks volumes about how you will side with the left regardless of the response to an attack.

              Go ahead, make my point some more….

            3. Well chicken hawk, given my military service and my active participation in the war on terror I’d say I am infinately more qualified to evaluate.

              Your assertion is hyperbole and purely political in nature. It is disgusting that partisans stoop to this level to achieve political gains.

              I’ll put the ball back in your court, prove your assertion that they were all handled differently. How? Provide specific examples and footnotes.

              You cannot, because it simply isn’t true. You should turn Rush off once in awhile, he is an entertainer, not a reliable source of fact.

            4. “Would you like a rundown of terrorist attacks against US interests and the Presidents in power when they occurred?”

              Yes, I would. And be sure to show their response (or lack thereof) to said attack.

              Should be a breeze for someone so connected as you….

          2. That is such an astonishingly ignorant statement you should just give up on commenting on politics and world affairs all together.

            Then again I don’t see any evidence you try to come up with anything rational or relevant to say, so never mind. Why do I bother.

            1. Those funny curly marks at the end of my sentences are called question marks. They indicate a question has been asked and not a statement. You have not answered my question and seem to be just putting me down for asking it. I guess either you don’t know the answer or your answer, if truthful, is inconvenient to your beliefs.

    1. First 2014,

      That is one of the lowest cheap shots I’ve read in a while. Remember that your party gave up on hunting Bin-Laden. Was asleep despite the warnings on 9-11.

      Don’t be pathetic.

      1. Where was Obama the night four Americans were murdered on his watch?

        Like I said, no worries, I’m sure the mainstream media is working overtime to break this story. You know, just like if a Republican President was AWOL the night the night four Americans were murdered on his watch.

        1. Man it didn’t take long for this post to go into the toilet.

          Where was Bush when the US consulate in Karachi was attacked? (June 14, 2002)
          Where was Bush when diplomatic compound in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, was attacked? (February 20, 2003)
          Where was Bush when US Embassy in Uzbekistan was attacked? (July 30, 2004)
          Where was Bush when US Embassy in Syria was attacked? (Sept 12, 2006)
          Where was Bush when US Embassy in Athens was attacked? January 12, 2007.
          Where was Bush when US Consulate in Istanbul was attacked? (July 9, 2008)

          1. The question ‘where was he’ is in regards to Obama’s handling of the situation. Are you implying that during each of the attacks you quoted, that they were in effect for hours and that President Bush gave no orders and simply acted as if this kind of thing wasn’t prepared for?

            Big stretch for a small mind….keep trying.

        2. Where was Ronald Reagan when 241 Americans were killed by a truck bomb in Lebanon?

          Why didn’t the Republicans provide for adequate funding for the defense of embassy and consulate staff around the world?

    2. Come on, Fwhatever! More of your useless far right bullshit? All kinds of stuff happened during the eight years each that Reagan and Bush the younger held the office of POTUS. Bush jogged a lot and took a fair number of vacations at his “ranch” in Texas and I didn’t hear you calling him “busy, busy, busy empty suit.”

      Why do you have to filter everything through that twisted viewpoint? Why do you believe that everything associated with Obama a conspiracy or an epic screwup of a sort that *never* occurred on the watch of a Republican President? Why do you and far too many other deluded folks actually believe that Obama is intentionally attempting to “destroy the United States?”

      I have to admit, your narrow-minded obsession with disparaging everything even remotely associated with Obama (even if it contradicts other things that you have said in the past) is more than a bit disconcerting. Because you can’t argue with insanity. You and Clint Eastwood seem obsessed with that fantasy of an empty chair. It is truly pathetic.

  2. Hmm… I use to work for CACI in Arlington, VA during the early to late 90’s. At the time the company had approximately 3,000 employees. Today the company has approximately 11,000 due to acquisitions. They were a bit of a Beltway Bandit back then. Wonder if things have changed.

    They always told us to call the company “C-A-C-I” rather than “Khaakee”- although everyone outside the company referred to us as Khaakee. To this day though I still refer to them C-A-C-I. Old habits die hard.

  3. While the iPad’s wireless connectivity and camera are among the features he said are risky in a top-secret environment, he declined to provide details on how CACI secures the devices.

    Dab of of opaque epoxy on the camera lenses, open it and cut the right traces on the mother board to disable the radios.

    For that they will charge the government thousands per unit.

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