“Apple spent over a billion dollars on R&D in its last quarter and it appears we’ll be seeing a little of what the company’s been working on as OS X 10.9 development seems to be on track for introduction this year,” Jonny Evans reports for Computerworld.

“AppleInsider cites traffic reports from site visitors which seems to show visits from Macs running the next iteration of the OS shot up last month: ‘While October visits from OS X 10.9 were around three dozen total, the number swelled into the thousands in the just-concluded month of January,'” Evans reports. “The company has committed to frequent OS upgrades for Macs, the current version of the OS shipped in July 2012, while the preceding version made its debut in July 2011.”

Evans reports, “Mac OS X 10.9 is expected to see the introduction of support for Siri and Apple Maps on the Mac. It’s also possible the company may begin to introduce a more 3D-like user interface within the OS, or potentially within iOS.”

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