“Here’s an iOpening way to potty train a toddler,” Christina Boyle and Corky Siemaszko report for The New York Daily News. “It’s called the iPotty — a standard plastic kid’s training toilet with an iPad-ready stand so the little darlings can answer nature’s call while their eyes are glued to a screen.”

“It goes on sale in March for $39.99 on Amazon.com,” Boyle and Siemaszko report. “‘We’ve gotten great feedback from parents who think it’d be great for training,’ said Camilo Gallardo of CTA Digital, whose whizz-mo is making headway at the international gadget show in Las Vegas.”

Boyle and Siemaszko report, “But Dr. Ron Marino, head of pediatrics at Winthrop-University Hospital in Mineola, L.I., is not convinced the device will help kids learn how to pee on the pot. ‘Children need to learn to focus on what they’re doing and recognize the sensations of their body, rather than multitasking and being entertained,’ said Marino.”

CTA Digital's iPotty

CTA Digital’s iPotty

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MacDailyNews Take: Dr. Ron is an iParty pooper.

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