Avi Gilburt writes for MarketWatch, “In my last write-up on Apple in August, when it was around 660, I said: ‘As for the larger perspective, we are expecting a near-term top on Apple (AAPL), with potential targets at the $693, $712 and $722 regions. After AAPL hits this upper target range, I think we will see a sizable correction, which will likely take AAPL back into the $500 region. So, if you are an AAPL trader, you may want to ring the cash register… and prepare to reload at much lower levels.'”

MacDailyNews Take: Avi, change your name to “Eerie” and, quick, tell us what happens next!

“I would be watching AAPL very carefully over the next week or two for technical signals of bottoming in the cited region of 515-522. It could be a huge buying opportunity for AAPL, which may yet see new all-time highs early next year,” Gilburt writes.

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