“Apple won its recent U.S. patent case against Samsung, but the company may have to pay a price by revealing key profit details about the iPhone,” Lance Whitney reports for CNET.

“Judge Lucy Koh has ordered Apple to go public with information about its sales, earnings, and profit margins on the iPhone,” Whitney reports. “As a corporation, Apple does report unit sales on its various products each quarter. But it shies away from divulging how much of a profit it makes on each iPhone.”

Whitney reports, “Apple has maintained that revealing such information would benefit its competitors. But apparently Judge Koh didn’t buy that argument.”

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Joe Mullin reports for Ars Technica, “The figures are important to Apple, because it wants a serious heap of cash added on to the jury’s already enormous verdict, which, if it stands, would be the largest patent verdict in history.”

“pple is looking for an extra $535 million in damages in addition to the $1.05 billion awarded by the jury, and it also wants a variety of Samsung products kicked off the market,” Mullin reports. “In an order issued today, Koh said that Apple can’t use its financial data to try to win remedies from the courts, while also keeping the information secret from the public.”

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