“Apple Maps has been getting its share of negative attention since being released, but some new research shines a bright spot on the comparison between Apple’s and Google’s mapping apps,” Jim Dalrymple reports for The Loop.

“According to Onavo, a company that specializes in helping customers get the most out of their smartphone data plans, there are some big differences between the apps,” Dalrymple reports. “After running a number of scenarios, the tests showed that Apple Maps was up to five times more data efficient than Google Maps.”

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“On Google Maps, the average data loaded from the cellular network for each step was 1.3MB. Apple Maps came in at 271KB – that’s approximately 80% less data!” Onavo reports. “On some actions, such as zooming in to see a particular intersection, Apple Maps’ efficiency advantage edged close to 7X.”

“Apple Maps’ overwhelming data advantage in Standard Map views is because of Apple’s use of vector graphics. Instead of downloading map tile images every time users zoom in or out of a map view, Apple’s vector graphics approach resizes dynamically, resulting in the drastically reduced data usage we observed, as well as smooth resizing and fast responsiveness,” Onavo reports. “However, it seems that even in Satellite View, Apple has considered data usage. Our tests found Apple Maps uses only half as much data as Google Maps for the same Satellite searches and views (an average of 930KB for a single page load on Google Maps vs. 428KB for Apple Maps).”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Jeff A.” for the heads up.]