Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac is lets you seamlessly run Windows and Mac applications side-by-side

“It’s nothing new that Intel-powered Macs have been running Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux for some time using Apple’s Boot Camp,” Jason Parker reports for CNET. “Parallels Desktop was already one of the best utilities on the market for switching between operating systems, but in the latest release that’s been updated for Mountain Lion and Windows 8, it’s even better.”

Parallels Desktop allows you to switch between operating systems organically without the need to reboot your Mac,” Parker reports. “With improved support for the Retina Display on new Macs, it means you will also have the ability to play Windows games using the full power of your Mac’s video card in higher resolution than you would otherwise.”

Parker reports, “As always, Parallels Desktop 8 helps keep your virtual environments safe through the use of Snapshots. The feature lets you to take a snapshot of your Windows system (for example) when it’s in a healthy state so if you encounter any viruses or spyware while surfing, you can essentially rewind to your previously saved snapshot… Though there are a lot of virtualization options available, Parallels has a tool set and new usability features that puts it above other offerings.”

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