“An administrative assistant with UPS, the world’s largest import-export brokerage firm as well as the familiar package-delivery service, says customs activity connected with Apple may indicate ‘something big’ coming soon,” MacNN reports.

“Independent of that report, Apple stores are said to be doing some ‘all-hands’ training sessions as well, lending some credence to the otherwise-thin report, which appeared on a speculative next-gen iPhone enthusiast blog,” MacNN reports. “The source, though new, was seen as credible by the iPhone 5 New Blog because of her detailed description of her duties, verification of her employment and other details not related to what specifically the new product might be. That fact that she chose to share information with an ‘iPhone 5’ website might be indicative of the product she was not at liberty to discuss.”

MacNN reports, “She went on to say that she did not think the paperwork was related to long-rumored MacBook Air and MacBook Pro upgrades that could be coming later this summer, and was ‘positive’ it did not related to iPads. The paperwork was described as being used by UPS to clear brokerage issues with customs inspectors in various countries as well as the FCC.”

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