“Texas-based Smart Audio Technologies has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Apple in the Delaware District Court,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple.

“The patent infringement lawsuit concerns Apple’s media players in respect to their ability to ‘modify a play list of a random access player,'” Purcher reports. “Oddly Smart Audio only identifies the iPod nano by name. Yet the most interesting aspect of this case, if there is one, is that Smart Audio’s key exhibit is that of patent assigned to Delco Electronics.”

Purcher reports, “The patent that Apple is allegedly infringing upon is that of patent 6,185,163. This particular patent is duly noted as being assigned to Delco Electronics Corporation regarding a ‘Vehicle audio system having random access player with play list control dated February 6, 2001.'”

More info, including Delco’s patent application illustration, in the full article here.

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