“Once again, Apple is sitting out the Consumer Electronics Show, and once again, its presence is felt everywhere in the Las Vegas Convention Center,” Rachelle Dragani reports for MacNewsWorld.

“Rumors are still flying regarding the expected emergence of a new form of Apple TV; meanwhile, Google is giving its own television dreams another go,” Dragani reports. “Tablets of all shapes and sizes are also flooding the CES show floor, ready to knock the iPad off its perch.”

MacDailyNews Take: Really, Rachelle? This batch of iPad wannabes is no more “ready” than last year’s. Acer is the only one besides Amazon who has even a slight clue as to what’s needed and their derivative ecosystem is the size of a postage stamp compared to Apple’s.

“As usual, Apple isn’t displaying any wares at the convention. But the company’s presence is still palpable at the show, as its competitors in the tablet, smartphone and computer arenas show their latest products and invite inevitable comparisons,” Dragani reports. “Even the field of TVs is rife with Apple rumor. With Vizio showing off sets that will run on an updated version of Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) TV, and Samsung, Sharp and LG all debuting sets with features such as ‘magic’ remotes, it could appear as though many manufacturers are jockeying for marketshare before Apple launches its not-yet-announced television product or platform.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Edward Weber” for the heads up.]