“How did HP get into such a mess with webOS?” Ed Sutherland asks for Cult of Mac.

“Essentially, the company shot itself in the foot as a parade of managers streamed through the corporate suites in a nightmare scenario reminding one of the worst days of Apple,” Sutherland reports. “Ousted HP CEO Leo Apotheker must take the blame, a former webOS head said.”

Sutherland reports, “Former webOS Community Manager Chuq von Rospach called his last months at HP akin to Apple prior to Steve Jobs. ‘Apple in the worst of days — the dark, damp days of [Michael] Spindler that made you want to wake up screaming, but you couldn’t because you weren’t asleep — were never as bad as these last few months in Leoville,’ von Rospach said. The former executive spent three years at HP.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]