“The chances of an AT&T-T-Mobile merger grow dimmer by the day, but there may yet be hope on the horizon for the telecommunications giants — next year’s election,” Lucas Shaw reports for TheWrap.

“The telecom industry has benefited from a change in administration before: In the 1990s, the Federal Communications Commission opposed SBC’s acquisition of AT&T during a Democratic administration, only to later approve it under a Republication administration,” Shaw reports. “The current FCC administration has already indicated its displeasure with the proposed deal, which would unite AT&T, the country’s second largest wireless communications service provider, and T-Mobile, the fourth largest. That prompted AT&T and Deustche Telekom, which owns T-Mobile, to remove their application.”

“If Barack Obama loses to a Republican, who would then make new appointments, rest assured the regulatory environment will become more favorable,” Shaw reports. “‘If the Republicans win, there is a new FCC and a Republican administration will be a lot more positive toward this merger than a democratic one,’ said longtime telecom analyst Roger Entner, founder of Recon Analytics.”

Shaw reports, “Each Republican candidate has been outspoken about reducing the government’s regulatory enforcement… The arrival of a Republican president doesn’t mean the deal would simply pass through without a fight, but it does mean that AT&T and T-Mobile may be cleverly stalling. By withdrawing their FCC application, they not only prolong the process, but prevent some of the information about the deal’s impact from getting out sooner.”

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