“Steve Wozniak, who started Apple Inc. with high-school friend Steve Jobs in a California garage more than three decades ago, said news of his partner’s death struck him just like the shootings of John Lennon and John F. Kennedy,” Anand Krishnamoorthy and Susan Li report for Bloomberg Businessweek. “I’m just totally awestruck, a bit shocked, a bit surprised,’ Wozniak, 61, said in an interview today with Bloomberg Television’s Susan Li on the ‘Asia Edge’ program. ‘I did not expect it. It felt a lot like you just heard that, you know, John Lennon got shot, or JFK, or Martin Luther King.'”

“‘He was one of those cool guys,’ Wozniak said. ‘He knew technology, he understood it. We talked about the philosophies of the day — the counterculture was strong, the hippie movement, words in songs — and went to concerts together,'” Krishnamoorthy and Li report. “‘It was a strong friendship,’ [Woz said.] ‘The technology was happening on the side.'”

“‘I got to watch the whole growth in him,’ Wozniak said. ‘Coming from a young kid to starting a company and having success and trying to find ways to manage things and have his own control and power. Going off from the company, coming back very learned, knowledgeable about how to watch the operations,'” Krishnamoorthy and Li report. “‘Steve, the last few times he talked to me, was having all these strong reflections of those early days and how much they meant and how much fun,’ Wozniak said. ‘He would even say things like, ‘Did you ever think this would happen?’ ‘Look how great, big Apple got as a technology company.’ He was really getting excited about these things. He was kind of like his normal, young self again.'”

“Wozniak said his last conversation with Jobs scared him because he could tell that his friend’s health wasn’t good. ‘He sounded a little weak in the character and the voice and the motivation,’ Wozniak said. ‘I was a little bit scared on the phone. He didn’t sound as strong as he did the conversation before… It’s going to be hard to sleep tonight.'”

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