“On September 29, 2011, the US Patent & Trademark Office published two multi-touch related patent applications from Apple that revealed a very odd twist,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple.

“Apple had just been granted two identical patents in June and it appears that they’re already back to extend their multi-touch claims,” Purcher reports. “In light of Wintel aiming their sites squarely on all things Apple a few weeks ago by revealing their intent to launch multi-touch tablets, Ultrabooks and desktops aggressively over the next 12-36 months – it appears that we may be in store for a new war front on all things multi-touch at some point in the future.”

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“Apple is either gearing up for these legal battles or is shoring up their claims so as to support new multi-touch devices in the future like their patent pending ‘iMac Touch,'” Purcher reports. “Apple first introduced Multi-Touch with the debut of their 2007 iPhone, at a time when no one was implementing this on consumer devices. So if there’s going to be a war on Multi-Touch patents, then it’s safe to say that Apple is more than ready.”

Much more in the full article, including Apple’s patent application illustrations, here.