“We have a few more details about Apple’s remote computing plans that revolve around [Near Field Communications or NFC] technology,” Leander Kahney writes for Cult of Mac.

“As we previously reported, Apple is working on a system that allows users to log into another computer using an NFC-equipped iPhone,” Kahney writes. “The iPhone pairs with the host machine, and loads the user’s files and settings over the net. It’s as though the user is sitting at their own machine at home.”

Kahney writes, “According to our source, who asked not to be named, when a NFC-equipped iPhone is paired with a guest machine, part of the user’s profile includes the apps they’ve purchased through the Mac App Store. The icons for their apps appear on the remote Mac, but aren’t downloaded, our source said. But if the user opens an app, it is downloaded temporarily to the computer for use. When the NFC connection is broken, the apps are deleted and the computer returns to its previous state.”

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