Nearly a week later, Apple stores still have iPad 2 lines

The photo below was taken within the hour at Apple Store Millenia in Orlando, Florida.

There are still lines waiting for iPad 2 units a week after launch:

Apple Store Millenia Mall Orlando iPad 2 line
Apple Store Millenia Mall Orlando iPad 2 line (Thanks, Manny S.)

If you’re in or see an iPad 2 line, please send us a photo ( and please note your location and we’ll post them below!


  1. Um, it’s really no big deal that there are lines.

    Apple has only been able to make a very small number of iPad 2’s because they rushed it to market to beat competitors’ tablets out the door, so OBVIOUSLY there are going to be lines.

    Supply is basically ZERO. ANY DEMAND GREATER THAN ZERO would result in lines.

    So this isn’t really that big of deal.

      1. It results in lines because the people who don’t want to wait the 4-5 weeks for shipping (i.e. the ones who want to try their luck) are trying to acquire the very small number of iPads that get stocked at each store in the morning. But if Apple had full supply, there wouldn’t be any lines at all.

        1. The demand has to be much greater than zero for a person to wait in line. You have to factor in the time invested and opportunity cost of buying a substitute product. But enough of the nerd talk. Math has never been the best way to explain human behavior.

          It’s quite a big deal. That just shows how much pent up demand there is in the market.

            1. It’s not a big enough deal to ask people to send pictures of lines. Tonask peoplen forthat sounds DESPERATE! I walked into a Best Buy the day after release… No line… Er… Correction! There was one person in front of me (oops! Should have taken a picture!) it took less than 30 min to reserve and I’m in no hurry because I have the first one on my lap. Get over yourselves!

    1. Odd. Apple is only making the new iPad 2 units now. They started with about 1 million (1,000,000) or so on the first day. At the rate the are made, Apple should be more than 2 million by now and they need more.

      So, if 1 or 2 million is “a very small number”, what number is not a “small number”? Tim Cook said that they would have sold more if they could have had more made. I think the release was just what is normally made in a 2 or 3 week release. To have another 3 weeks of iPads would have meant that they stopped selling iPads 2 or 3 weeks earlier.

    2. Apple sold 7 million iPads in the Christmas quarter, which works out to 500,000 iPads per week.

      Reports indicate that Apple sold 1 million+ iPad 2 units in the first weekend.

      Demand is certainly outstripping supply, but I wouldn’t say that it’s because Apple only had a small quantity on hand for launch.

      Building and shipping a million of anything to thousands of sales points around the world, all in time for a coordinated product launch, is a daunting task. If it’s a million highly complex electronic devices, I’d say the task is herculean. This stuff isn’t easy to do. Apple just makes it look easy.

      1. It would be awesome if Apple sold 1 million in the first weekend. However since it is Friday I don’t think Apple would now say: Oh yeah and we sold one million iPads a week ago. Why would they wait? Maybe they didn’t hit the million mark yet or maybe they know 2 million is so close they will wait till then.

    3. Dude, seriously?

      Apple didn’t need to rush ANYTHING out the door to beat competitors. iPad 1 has been around for almost a year, and the very few so called ‘competitors’ can’t even come close to matching that.

      Just remember that any new product has a lead time to get production up. Give it a few weeks to two months, even when production is screamin’ demand is still going to be high as people discover the ‘competitors aren’t worth their weight in male cow poop.

  2. Lines are forming at the Apple Store in Texas at 6 AM every day and they are selling out everything by 9 AM. It’s interesting to note that the last models to sell out each morning are the Verizon models.

  3. Was in line this morning at Lennox Mall in Atlanta. Got there at about 7:30am and was 25th in line. The first guy arrived at 4:30am. They had 37 iPads to sell. Was there yesterday and was in a similar position in line, but they only had 9 to sell.

  4. It’s funny that the lines are seen at apple stores and such. Haven’t seen pix showing lines for other products than apple. Having worked as Supply Chain Manager for more than 10 years and I believe Apple will be a fool to let hold of the product when there’s huge demands while the price has been kept unchanged. It’s obviously every company’s effort to sell as many quantity as possible. I’m sure Motorola would be dying to see this kind of lines queuing up its store.

  5. I have been to every Best Buy, WalMart, Target and AT$T,in town with no luck since Saturday. Gene said not to sweat the lines this time. Well I went by the Apple store Tues. Best Buy offerd to put me on a list with 100$ deposit. Asked how many on the list, she replied about 70. Our last shipment was 5. The sell off the list only. Based on rumor. They didn’t get a shipment. I decided again on Wed to swing by Apple. The manager recognized me from my frequent visits, I asked did you get ipad2s? Having seen an empty que I was expecting the worst. In a sense maybe it was bad. He held three tickets that indicated what supply they still had. 2 white 16gb with Verizon and the one I opted for….32blackVerizon. I also picked up the cover. With the cover it still fits nicely into a protective rawhide cover. As I got my choice of tickets, 2 guys arrived just behind me and snatched the last two. Having just run out of tickets, the manager made a slash gesture to another associate at the front signifying that this batch of iPad 2 was history. I believe that they have missed the 1 million mark. At best they would have expected a 100 percent increase in first day demand over the first year. I can’t imagine having to wait 5 more weeks or longer, I just sold my original iPad on Monday thinking it would be a short term shortage. I doesn’t feel like there are gonna be comfortable supplies for a while. I wanted a 64wifi myself, but decided to give the Verizon model a try since it was the only choice I had and I was prepared for that choice in advance. I am glad I did.

  6. I ordered mine last Sat. afternoon at an AT&T store. I got it yesterday. Quickest turnaround I know of for a person who missed the initial wave and couldn’t wait in lines. Try the AT&T stores people! I think they’re the shortest route to iPad Joy.

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