“The BlackBerry mobile communications device is hard to beat in the corporate world, where it got its start, but it’s expected have a tougher time winning the hearts of consumers who are being wooed by Apple’s iPhone and other smartphones,” The Canadian Press reports.

“While there’s an opportunity for BlackBerry maker Research In Motion to fill a void in Canada while the iPhone isn’t yet available, Apple’s phone is a real threat, says tech analyst Jesse Hirsh,” The Canadian Press reports.

“‘Technology fetishists are discarding their BlackBerrys and they all drive to the States and buy an iPhone and look on the Internet for how to hack into them and they are all running iPhones,’ said Hirsh, who runs a tech advice website,” The Canadian Press reports.

“A recent upgrade to the BlackBerry wireless system appears to have been the cause of a three-hour service disruption on Monday that affected millions of users in North America,” The Canadian Press reports.

“Hirsh also said the Apple’s touch-screen technology is pushing ahead of the BlackBerry’s trackwheel and the more innovative trackball on the consumer-oriented Pearl smartphone and some newer models of the BlackBerry, which revolutionized wireless e-mail with features such as a full QWERTY-style keyboard for rapid two-thumbed typing.”

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Stealth aircraft also “pushed ahead” of the biplane. Slightly.