“Fewer businesses are now planning to move to Windows Vista than seven months ago, according to a survey by patch management vendor PatchLink Corp., while more said they will either stick with the Windows they have, or turn to Linux or Mac OS X,” Gregg Keizer reports for Computerworld.

“In a just-released poll of more than 250 of its clients, PatchLink noted that only 2% said they are already running Vista, while another 9% said they planned to roll out Vista in the next three months. A landslide majority, 87%, said they would stay with their existing version(s) of Windows,” Keizer reports.

“Those numbers contrasted with a similar survey the Scottsdale, Ariz.-based vendor published in December 2006. At the time, 43% said they had plans to move to Vista while just 53% planned to keep what Windows they had,” Keizer reports.

“Last year, Linux and Max OS X had only meager appeal to the CIOs, CSOs, IT and network administrators surveyed: 2% said they planned to deploy the open-source Linux, while none owned up to Mac OS X plans. July’s survey, however, noted a six-fold increase in the total willing to do without Windows on at least some systems: 8% of those polled acknowledged Linux plans and 4% said they would deploy Mac OS X,” Keizer reports.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “macdan2004” for the heads up.]

This is how the dam breaks, with a trickle from a crack here and there and another leak from over there… then one day: Pow!

The “Pow” starts now. wink

Microsoft doesn’t have enough fingers to plug the holes and they certainly have shown no inclination to rebuild the dam correctly from the ground up.

By the way, Redmond, WA is situated in a valley with a river running through its center.