At the 25th annual conference of media moguls hosted by investment banking firm Allen and Co. last Thursday in Sun Valley, Idaho, Sony CEO Sir Howard Stringer called Apple CEO Steve Jobs “greedy.”

“According to one audience member, Stringer said it’s funny that Jobs accuses record companies of greed because they want to get paid for music downloads. Stringer said Jobs, who just launched the iPhone, is the ‘greedy’ one because he wants a world where only he makes money,” Richard Johnson reports for The New York Post’s Page Six.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “MacVicta” for the heads up.]
Apparently, Sir Howard doesn’t appreciate having his ass handed to him repeatedly by Steve Jobs. It’s not Steve Jobs’ fault that for years Sony couldn’t get out of its own way (because they greedily wanted everything: devices, formats, DRM, and owning the content) and got run over by Apple’s iPod+iTunes. This obnoxious behavior certainly does not reflect well upon the knighthood. Nor is it a proper way to begin selling your new clock radios and boomboxes with iPod docks, Howie.

Our advice, less jet-setting to tony mogul powwows where you insert your foot into your prodigious mouth and more attention to business; you know, try some new things like making non-exploding notebook batteries, foregoing root-kit installs on audio CDs, using standard formats, not overcharging for your TVs, etc.